Monthly Archive: March 2019

Watch Poetry Live!

Tune in WEDNESDAY APRIL 10, 2019 for the 18th Annual Poetry Live! The event is a a collection of student poetry to celebrate young poets and National Poets Laureate. LMCTV will be airing the recording of this Wednesday night at 9:00pm on channel 75 Optimum 36 Verizon.It will repeat Thursday Aptil 11 at 3am, 9am, […]

Watch The Local Live: The Women’s Empowerment Institute

What’s happening in your community? Watch the March 28th Episode On This Week’s Show Women’s Empowerment Institute will discuss its mission to make girls and women self-sufficient. Have a comment or question? Email us at, call in LIVE at (914) 381-0150or reach us on Twitter,Facebook and Instagram @thelocallive Watch on Optimum Channel 75/ Verizon Channel 36, on the Local channel on […]


Technophobia in Film:A Film Discussion Class “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” From the very beginning, Hollywood movies have offered a frightening reflection of our deep fear of technology, its effects, and sinister implications. Time-traveling terminators, resurrected dinosaurs, alien invasions, and virtual prisons all give us a sense of just how terrified Hollywood writers, directors, and […]

Watch The Local Live: Student Aid Fund

What’s happening in your community? Watch the March 21st Episode On this week’s show… The Mamaroneck Larchmont Student Aid will discuss making a difference since 1937. Have a question or comment? Email us, call in LIVE at (914) 381-0150 or reach us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @thelocallive Watch The Local Live on Optimum Channel 75, Verizon Channel 36, on, or our Facebook Live stream! […]