Monthly Archive: September 2020

Local Summit 9/15 – Watch NOW

The Summit will be holding their monthly meeting on ZOOM, Tuesday September 15 at 8:00am. If you’d like to be a part of the discussion please click the link below to register. Registration is not needed to watch the meeting, just to participate in the conversation. Tuesday September 158:00amCh 76 Optimum / 35 Verizon Don’t […]

Watch the Village of Larchmont 9/11 Ceremony

Tune in this Friday, September 11 at 10am, for the Village of Larchmont’s September 11th Ceremony. This will be broadcast live on LMC channel 76 Optimum / 35 Verizon Fios.

Watch Community Conversations

Tune in this Thursday for a brand new episode of Community Conversations where host Mike Witsch speaks with Larchmont artist and teacher, Maureen Meehan. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 107:30pm75 Optimum / 36 Verizon

Talking Technophobia

“Be afraid. Be very afraid.” From the very beginning, Hollywood movies have offered a frightening reflection of our deep fear of technology, its effects, and sinister implications. Time-traveling terminators, resurrected dinosaurs, alien invasions, and virtual prisons all give us a sense of just how terrified Hollywood writers, directors, and producers think we are (or should […]