LMC Boards

The board can be contacted by email at board@lmcmedia.org.

LMC Media Board of Directors

  • Jefferson Meighan, President
  • Peggy Jackson, Vice President
  • Michael Witsch, Secretary
  • Leonard Verrastro, Treasurer
  • Craig Ettinger
  • Steve Israelsky
  • Mark Litvin
  • Jack Saraceno
  • Louis Simons

Emeritus Board Members

  • Sunny Goldberg, Chair
  • Fred Cohen
  • Frank Leicht
  • Mike Stuntz
  • Laurence Margo

LMC Media Board of Control

The Board of Control consists of one representative from each municipality plus a Treasurer and Administrator.  The Administrator is the direct liaison with Optimum & Verizon for the three communities handling all complaints and recommendations.

The Board of Control is responsible for collection and disbursement of franchise fees from Optimum & Verizon.  The franchise fees represent 5% of the gross operation revenues of Optimum & Verizon for the Larchmont-Mamaroneck community. The franchise fees support the operations of The Board of Control, which in turn provides the main budget for LMC Media – approximately 85% of LMC Media’s operations budget.  Each year LMC Media must submit a budget request to the Board of Control for discussion and approval.

The Advisory Committee of the Larchmont – Mamaroneck Cable TV Board of Control advises the Board on cable matters affecting our communities.  This includes technical, legal, programming, financial, subscriber and insurance matters relating to the franchise agreement.

Board of Control

  • Tom Murphy – Village of Mamaroneck
  • Carol Casazza Herman – Village of Larchmont
  • Abby Katz – Town of Mamaroneck
  • Jerry Barberio – Administrator
  • Tracy Yogman – Treasurer

Advisory Committee

  • Brad Garfield – Town of Mamaroneck
  • Open position – Town of Mamaroneck
  • Open position – Village of Larchmont
  • Tim Brosnan – Village of Larchmont
  • Sunny Yeddis Goldberg – Village of Mamaroneck
  • Mike Witsch – Village of Mamaroneck