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WATCH NOW Community Gathering on June 10th

There will be a Tri-municipal event held in Harbor Island Park in remembrance of George Floyd. Mr Floyd’s senseless murder has traumatized and awoken many to the insidious racism and social inequality that has permeated our society throughout our history. Hopefully this painful tragedy will be an opportunity for meaningful change. 
There will only be one elected official among the speakers, Town of Mamaroneck Councilman Jeff King. Mr. King has relevant experience and the personal understanding to speak meaningfully about the issues at hand. But it will not be a venue for political grandstanding. This is too important an issue and potentially too great of an opportunity for positive change to waste. The roster of clergy and speakers will soon be finalized. 

-Mayor Lorraine Walsh

LMC Media will be covering this event and broadcasting live from Harbor Island Park for those unable to attend.

Watch LIVE June 10th at 5pm on any of LMC’s three channels

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Help Celebrate The Year of the Nurse!

Two Rye Neck and Mamaroneck High School seniors have teamed up to work on a project which seeks to honor the nurses in our community and beyond! As I’m sure you all know, 2020 is the Year of the Nurse, and now more than ever we want to honor these important Men and Women who have sacrificed so much to keep us all safe and healthy. We ask that you send photos and/or videos of the nurses in your life doing their incredibly admirable work, so that they can be included and honored in the project. Testimonial photos/videos that express your personal appreciation of these heroes are encouraged. We hope that all of you are well!

Please send your submission to
with the subject line: Year of the Nurse

Harry Dircks, Student Mamaroneck High School
Ben Golden, Student Rye Neck High School

LMC Rebranding – What Does It Mean For You!

LMCTV is officially rebranding as LMC Media! These changes are slowly being reflected on our productions, website, and many other applications. We know in this current time of pandemic and change you’re going to have some questions so we’ve put together some frequently asked questions you can reference down below. If you still have more questions not answered here don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!

Why did LMCTV change its name? What else did it change?

LMCTV, a community-based media platform, recently announced an important rebranding initiative and official name change to: LMC Media. The rebrand reflects the organization’s expansion and growth. Started in 1983, the 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization has expanded from a local cable TV station to a fully equipped media powerhouse. We are thrilled to unveil our refreshed branding and new logo that reflects LMC Media as a vibrant and growing organization. It was important to also change our name, as we are a media focused organization and our name needed to reflect that.

What does LMC Media now offer to the community? 

Being a cohesive part of the community has been LMC Media’s main focus and during the past few years, the organization has greatly expanded its services to offer new ways to bring the community together – including: 

  • LMC Media’s studio space houses a full HD TV studio — featuring a Newtek Professional Switcher and an LED Lighting Grid. It has seven fully equipped editing stations
  • Equipment and space rentals for video recording
  • Creative services/video production to businesses and non-profits
  • Dedicated audio recording studio for podcasts
  • Numerous workshops and technology classes 
  • A top-notch internship program for students 
  • For kids, LMC Media offers workshops and one-of-a-kind birthday parties 

How do I join LMC Media? How much does it cost?

LMC Media now offers two expanded annual membership packages: 

  • For L/M residents/employees ($50 per year), which includes: 
    • Two classes or orientations annually, one field equipment use per month, four editing equipment uses monthly, one TV studio recording use per month, one audio studio recording per month and one space (non-recording) use per month.  Reduced rates are offered for Senior Citizens and Students.
  • Non-Residents ($300 per year), which includes: 
    • Two classes or orientations annually, one field equipment use per month, four editing equipment uses monthly, four TV studio recording uses annually, one audio studio recording per month and four space (non-recording) uses annually.  

Will LMC Media still offer local news coverage?

Yes. LMC Media will continue to produce live and taped broadcasts of more than 120 local and municipal and school board meetings throughout the year, as well as local news stories, to keep the community informed about important happenings. It will also continue its coverage of over 70 local high school varsity sports contests every year. 

Where can I watch LMC Media’s local coverage?

Viewers can watch on Optimum (channels 75, 76, 77) and Verizon (channels 34, 35, 36) and here on our website.
Click here to learn more on watching LMC anywhere!

I am very interested in LMC Media’s mission – how can I get involved with the organization?

LMC Media is currently looking for great board members and volunteers! If you are interested in supporting freedom of speech and video production, please contact Matt Sullivan at to learn more about these opportunities. No experience is necessary, we will train volunteers!

How does LMC Media get funded?

LMC Media is mainly funded through cable franchise fees in the Villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck and the Town of Mamaroneck.  As a non-profit, LMC Media also relies on grants and donations/sponsorships to fulfill its mission of encouraging freedom of speech and public dialogue. We would love your support! To make a donation, please CLICK HERE!

Don’t subscriber PEG fees pay for all services?

The Franchise Agreement with Altice and Verizon require PEG channels, equipment funds, and fees for use of the public rights-of-way.  The fees are paid to the municipalities, not to LMC Media.  Our three municipalities (a) deposit a portion into their general funds, (b) pay for the Tri-Municipal Cable TV Board of Control to negotiate the franchise(s) and oversee cable TV service and franchise compliance, and (c) currently fund a good deal of LMC Media operations.  New FCC rules threaten to significantly reduce these funds.  Cable companies may reduce payments by an amount equal to the value of PEG channels and equipment, as well as the services customarily provided to police, fire, government, and school buildings.  LMC Media must diversify its revenue in order to maintain current services and allow us to meet future community communication needs.  Memberships are vital community investments in free speech and the First Amendment.  Fees-for-service offset the actual costs of production, training, engineering, outreach, and station development.

Watch Community Conversations with Shelley Mayer

Watch Community Conversations: Larchmont Mamaroneck Update live May 14th for an interview with New York State Senator Shelley Mayer.
Watch on Optimum 75 /Verizon 36 or click the link below!