Local Podcasts


Conversations with leaders in the arts, education, business and public service; and organizations that enhance the quality of life in our communities.


Welcome to the LMCTV Media Center’s first podcast, “LMC Cast.”
Hosted by Executive Director Matt Sullivan with staff members, Rob Moretti, Sibylla Chiapziwa, Sharon Mosley, Dena Schumacher, Christina Carino-Forrest and Stephen Aluisa. Find out what is happening at LMCTV, as well as the Larchmont Mamaroneck Community and what’s new in media!

Mamaroneck High School Radio

“I want you, just for a second, to imagine a high school radio station on demand. Here at Mamaroneck High School, we are looking to tell stories. About people. What we have found, is our students have stories to share. And we want to arm them with the skills and platform to do so. Our show features students composing and mixing feature radio stories about the public and our community. All pieces are student written and student produced. Welcome to Mamaroneck Public Radio.”

Sally B Explains Chemistry

“The Teacher of Teachers,” a nationally acclaimed chemistry teacher, Sally B. Mitchell, shares her years of experience and knowledge in this podcast series to help chemistry teachers discover various ways to teach chemistry. The series will provide a platform for teachers to advance their own learning, introduce content and demonstrate ways to allow students to discover their misconceptions.


A husband and wife production team that critiques films, creates content, and manages to stay married through it all.

Talking Technophobia in Film

“Be afraid. Be very afraid.” From the very beginning, Hollywood movies have offered a frightening reflection of our deep fear of technology, its effects, and sinister implications. Time-traveling terminators, resurrected dinosaurs, alien invasions, and virtual prisons all give us a sense of just how terrified Hollywood writers, directors, and producers think we are (or should be).
In this class we will investigate popular, pivotal movies and discuss their fears, warnings, and possible solutions to this ever-increasing cultural technophobia. Discussion topics will include: “the mad scientist and you,” “ghosts in the machines,” “malfunctioning machinations,” “risks and rewards,” and “the power of human ingenuity.” 


Teen On The Scene is a social platform where host Ryan Barnes talks with amazing young people about their passions, talents & achievements! He also goes up close & personal & behind the scenes at local events for various social media networks, including Instagram, IGTV, Facebook & Youtube!
Watch on Youtube!

That’s No Rabbit!

A podcast where hosts Chris and AJ La Vigna provide humorous (and slightly bizarre) commentary tracks for episodes of the best kid’s monster show of the 1990’s, GOOSEBUMPS. Open ups Netflix tab, sync up one of our tracks, and enjoy!
WARNING: Explicit Content (We swear a lot, that’s about it).


Poetry and discussions with poet Jon Billet.

The Nosebleeds

Rob and Ken discuss topics from around the world of sports. From up in the nosebleeds we can see everything. Even you.