Welcome to Our Film-Friendly Community

Discover the perfect backdrop for your next cinematic masterpiece in our welcoming community. We take pride in being a film location-friendly destination, offering filmmakers an array of compelling reasons to choose us for their productions.


Get in Touch

For inquiries and filming permissions, reach out to the individual municipality below:

Town of Mamaroneck

Town Administrator Meredith S. Robson

Film Application

Click Here

Village of Larchmont


Film Application

Click Here

Village of Mamaroneck

Courtney Wong

Film Application: Village Property

Click Here

Film Application: Private Property

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Why Choose Us?

Scenic Diversity: Immerse your audience in a variety of captivating settings, from historic landmarks to breathtaking natural landscapes. Our community provides a rich tapestry of locations to bring your creative vision to life.
Friendly Collaboration: Experience the warmth of a community that values and supports filmmakers. Our residents are enthusiastic about contributing to your project, ensuring a positive and collaborative atmosphere throughout the filming process.
Effortless Permits: Streamlined permitting processes make it easy for filmmakers to obtain the necessary approvals swiftly. Our community understands the importance of a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on the artistry of your production.
Convenient Infrastructure: Access essential facilities and services with ease. Our community offers the infrastructure needed for a seamless production, ensuring that your film crew has everything required for a successful shoot.
Engaged Community: Foster a sense of community involvement by partnering with local businesses and residents. Our community actively encourages participation in film productions, creating a vibrant and supportive environment.


Join us in making your next film a memorable success against the backdrop of our film-friendly community.

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