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LMC Media’s mission is to connect, create, and inform the community through the use of digital media. We want to foster the abilities of our community’s youth by giving them real world filmmaking experience.

The Future Filmmaker Project hires high school filmmakers to create a short film series. Teens will get real work experience as filmmakers, without a big time commitment and all under the guidance of LMC Media.

This is an opportunity for the production team as well as actors. Both will be provided with a stipend for their participation. This opportunity is for one filmmaker per season, starting January 2023.

Because we value our students’ talent and time, we want to provide them with this opportunity to not only receive compensation, but have a large platform for showcasing their work!

Professional Development
Supporting Community
Build Personal Skills
 Work Experience

 Eligibility Criteria
•Must be 16 years of age or older
•Must be enrolled in a Local High School
•Must provide a reel or 3 samples of video/ film work


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The 2024 Future Filmmakers


Ciara Palmieri
Summer ’24

CIara Palmieri

About Ciara
Ciara Palmieri is a rising senior at Mamaroneck high school. Her passion for film began during her sophomore year in Miss Elmoznino’s video class and has only grown since then. Her favorite aspects of creating films are: directing, editing and most of all being behind the camera working on cinematography in order to better tell a story. She has worked further to develop her skills while attending summer courses at Purchase College and  Savannah College of Art and Design. She’s inspired by filmmakers such as Wes Anderson, David Leitch, Greta Gerwig and more. Ciara is also a dedicated player on the MHS Varsity Softball team. She plans to pursue film & media studies in college in order become a directorcinematographerproducer and editor.

Ciara's Films


Christina Pirrone
Spring ’24

About Christina
Christina Pirrone is a Junior at Rye Neck High School. Inspired by the community she grew up in Mamaroneck, Christina loves being both on and off camera. Christina hopes to inspire people through her films to never give up on their dreams. In her free time, Christina likes to hang out with her friends and pets, edit, and read. Christina is involved in Advanced Video Production taught by Mr. Golden which is where her love for filmmaking began. Additionally, she is one of the Captains of her school Cheer Team, a member of the track team and school theater community, participates in figure skating outside of school, frequently auditions for film and TV, and had the opportunity over the summer to spend a month at The New York Conservatory Of Dramatic Arts for there summer intensive of Film and TV through a scholarship.

Christina's Films

Keep Going

Self Discovery

The Changing Times of Mamaroneck

Scotia Kuriloff
Winter ’24

About Scotia
Scotia Kuriloff is a Junior at Mamaroneck High School. Inspired by filmmakers like Wes Craven and Sofia Coppola, Scotia loves both absurd horror and the tragic nature of childhood, making for, if not a comprehensive filmmaking style, a colorful one. In her free time, Scotia likes to go to the movies with friends, read, and write. Scotia is very involved with MHS Info, and is one of its six producers. Additionally, she is a dedicated member of Model United Nations and Mock Trial.

Scotia's Films

Le Pain

Dog Days


The 2023 Future Filmmakers

Nate Greven
Fall ’23

About Nate
Nate Greven is a rising Junior at Mamaroneck High School. He is super involved and dedicated to the MHS video program while also being a producer for MHS info. Nate especially likes directing and besides film he love fashion, photography, design, and traveling. He has also participated in yearbook, student council, and Design class. He also hopes to go on and study film production when in college.
Nate's Films

Hope is the Thing with Feathers

The Story of Us

Une Page

Featured Actors

India Boilott

“Une Page”

Sara Zeballos, Zoe Avraamedis, & Helene Zehe

“The Story of Us”

Lizzie Rubin

“Hope Is The Thing With Feathers”

Gretchen Barnard
Summer ’23

About Gretchen
Gretchen Barnard is a rising senior at Mamaroneck High School. She is heavily involved in her school’s film class as well as an active member and producer on her school’s T.V show, MHS info. Outside of film, Gretchen has a big love for sports. She plays on MHS’s Varsity Lacrosse team and combines both her love for sports and film by creating sports hype reels for different teams at the High School. In the future she hopes to pursue film by majoring in film production in college as well as minor in sports media.
Gretchen's Films

Press Play

Our Spot


Featured Actors

Nate Grevin

“Press Play”

Olivia Dorf &
Hannah Clarke

“Our Spot”

Grace Hammarley


Bella Pianko
Spring ’23

About Bella
Bella Pianko is a junior at Mamaroneck high school. She is an active member of the video program and is a Producer on MHS info, the MHS news and entertainment weekly show. Additionally, Bella was the Spring Future Filmmaker with LMC Media. Outside of her love for film, Bella is active in many other school activities such as the PACE program, Student Council, Yearbook and the Globe.
Bella's Films

Breaking the Loop

Just Different

The Wait

Featured Actors

Lila Graham, Emma Post, Lily Montorio, Harrison Beckwith, Julissa Piatt & Mai Rosales

“Breaking the Loop”

Carlie Kauffman

“Just Different”

Julissa Piatt

“The Wait”

Sara Ettinger
Winter ’23

About Sara
Mamaroneck High School student Sara Ettinger was inspired to start filmmaking with her mom’s IPad. Sara would spend her time creating films with her friends and watching Netflix, which developed her love for filmmaking. Over time, Sara has directed many films including “Deja Vu”, “Lovely Day”, and “Painting with Grandma”. A big inspiration to Sara is Ella Fields, who used very few resources available to her to create her films. “Filmmaking is this really powerful tool that you could use. It’s not just a form of entertainment, it’s a way to connect with people.”
Sara's Films

The In-Between

Skipping Stones

Before the World Was Big

Featured Actors

Kovid Odouard

“The In-between”

Abbey Dean

“Skipping Stones”

Abigail Flynn &
Lili-Rose Mas

“Before the World Was Big”



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The selected applicants will be notified 1 month ahead of their chosen season.


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