Future Filmmaker Project Logo

LMC Media’s mission is to connect, create, and inform the community through the use of digital media. We want to foster the abilities of our community’s youth by giving them real world filmmaking experience.

The Future Filmmaker project hires high school filmmakers to create a short film series. Teens will get real work experience as filmmakers, without a big time commitment and all under the guidance of LMC Media.

This is an opportunity for the production team as well as actors. Both will be provided with a stipend for their participation. This opportunity is for one filmmaker per season, starting January 2023.

Because we value our students’ talent and time, we want to provide them with this opportunity to not only receive compensation, but have a large platform for showcasing their work!

Eligibility Criteria
•Must be 16 years of age or older
•Must be enrolled in a Local High School
•Must provide a reel or 3 samples of video/ film work

Young videographer with video camera

Professional Development

Supporting Community

Build Personal Skills

 Work Experience



3 Films

1 each month

3 Minutes

Short & Manageable

3 Days a Month

1-2 hours per day

3 Months

1 Season

The Plan

Future Filmmakers - The Plan

First Project

The concept is to use Mamaroneck locations as a backdrop and metaphor for being a teenager.

•A muddy Otter Creek/ feeling stuck.
•The Flats/feeling flooding with emotion
•Train station/needing to slow down

Sara Ettinger- Mamaroneck High School
student from Larchmont NY 

Mamaroneck High School student Sara Ettinger was inspired to start filmmaking with her mom’s IPad. Sara would spend her time creating films with her friends and watching Netflix, which developed her love for filmmaking. Over time, Sara has directed many films including “Deja Vu”, “Lovely Day”, and “Painting with Grandma”. A big inspiration to Sara is Ella Fields, who used very few resources available to her to create her films. “Filmmaking is this really powerful tool that you could use. It’s not just a form of entertainment, it’s a way to connect with people.”