LMC Media Membership


For many years, LMC Media has been pleased to offer memberships to individuals and organizations.  These memberships allowed community members the opportunity to take classes, receive discounted rental fees and production services, and other benefits.
In order to make access to LMC Media services equitable for all members of our community, we will no longer be charging fees for membership.  Any resident business owner, local student, teacher, or local nonprofit organization can now benefit from the expertise that LMC Media provides.  One of the reasons we are able to do this is because of the philanthropic support we receive from our donors through fundraising efforts such as our annual gala, grants, and other appeals.

Memberships include:
• 2 Equipment rentals per month.
• 1 Space rental per month
(For use in digital video recording, audio recording, OR non-recording purposes)
• 4 Editing equipment uses per month


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