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"I love it here at LMC. It has given me a good sense of the real world. I have learned more here than anywhere else."


“LMC was the first internship that allowed me true hands on experience. After interning with LMC I stayed on and volunteered, it was one of the only ways to keep learning and practicing post college.”


“It was a new experience. I was mostly PA’ing ( Production Assistant) for short films and movie projects, so I got to learn about long term projects like the talks shows booked in the studio. Also it was the first time I was put in charge of something. I created a PSA during my internship, it felt good.”


“I loved the hands on experience LMC gave me. I didn’t have to get coffee, and everyone was helpful and nice. It gave me more experience in the field I want to be in.”


“Having a good connection to supervisors and colleagues is very important to me. LMC even surpassed my expectations. [LMC Media] was definitely the right place for me as well as for everyone interested in supporting and creating a TV show, in my opinion.”


“LMC gave me such a good foundation, with all the tasks, projects, deadlines and opportunities, and I feel like the knowledge that I have is because of my internship with [LMC Media]!”

2022 - Skye

“LMC Media was an awesome experience for me. After graduating early this December 2021 from Purchase College, I was determined to work more on my craft as a journalism/history major before officially graduating in May and I am proud to say that I did. This experience taught me a lot on my future career path as a journalist and allowing room for mistakes in order to continue to grow. Thank you Dena & Daniela for everything and the entire LMC Media team could’ve done it without you, and won’t forget you all.”


"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at LMC Media, it broadened my knowledge of video editing and film, and strengthened many of the soft skills I had been lacking."

LMC Media is offering internship programs for interested and qualified students from neighboring area schools.

Our program includes:

  • Training in field and studio television production.
  • Development of documentary video and news packages.
  • Training interns in video editing, using the Adobe Suite.
  • Creation promotional clips for series shows, station promos and PSAs.
  • Production or assisting production of existing shows.

Interns at LMC Media:

  • Must be enrolled at an accredited four or five-year college/university leading to a bachelor or advanced degree to receive college/university credit for their internship.
  • The hours of work for college credits will be determined by your school.
  • May work during the Fall, Spring, or Summer college semesters full-time or part-time.
  • Open to High School seniors or juniors.


Available Internship Programs

*Internships are hybrid, remote intern candidates should have their own video editing software at home.
All other resources will be provided as needed.


Video Production Internship

This hands-on internship will allow the Intern to try all aspects of production to help them find their future career in video, post-production or podcasting.   Assist with post-production editing to finish shows or piece together new projects.  Work on video assignments to produce long and short format videos, using HD, 4k and DSLR cameras.  We encourage interns to produce their own projects, as well as build their reel for the future.

Studio Production Internship

Studio Production Intern will be responsible for assisting with Robotic studio and podcast productions. Studio production roles will vary from Technical Director, Director or Audio Technician.  The intern will serve as editor or producer for various projects with the LMC Media organization or community producers. This internship will provide experience in studio production/post-production and podcast production.

Social Media Internship

The Social Media Intern would assist in managing social media accounts. Post updated information for events, videos and photos, and assist in broadening and engaging the social media audience. The intern may be required to create graphic posts, make small promotional videos, host Facebook live streams and track analytical data. This is a great opportunity for those interested in pursuing a marketing, advertising or career in social media management, and an interest in community and nonprofit work.  We encourage Interns to be creative and experimental as they develop their online marketing skills. We encourage Interns to be creative and experimental as they develop their online marketing skills. A monthly stipend is offered for the social media intern position.


If you are interested in becoming an LMC Media intern,

Send an email with the desired internship program in the subject line

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