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Interested in podcasting but don’t have the space or equipment?  LMC Media hosts an accessible podcasting space here in Westchester, NY.  We make podcasting easy for you and your casters to record, edit, and post your podcasts.  You can record video, audio or both!  Our facility features a special designated space to record.  All you have to do is email and we can help get you started broadcasting out to the world!

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Featured Podcasts

  • Mamaroneck High School Radio

    MPR Discourse

    I want you, just for a second, to imagine a high school radio station on demand. Here at Mamaroneck High School, we are looking to tell stories. About people. What we have found, is our students have stories to share. And we want to arm them with the skills and platform to do so. Our show features students composing and mixing feature radio stories about the public and our community. All pieces are student written and student produced. Welcome to Mamaroneck Public Radio.

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    MPR Discourse
  • Sally B Explains Chemistry

    “The Teacher of Teachers,” a nationally acclaimed chemistry teacher, Sally B. Mitchell, shares her years of experience and knowledge in this podcast series to help chemistry teachers discover various ways to teach chemistry. The series will provide a platform for teachers to advance their own learning, introduce content and demonstrate ways to allow students to discover their misconceptions.

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    Sally B Explains Chemistry
  • That's No Rabbit!

    A podcast where hosts Chris and AJ La Vigna provide humorous (and slightly bizarre) commentary tracks for episodes of the best kid’s monster show of the 1990’s, GOOSEBUMPS. Open ups Netflix tab, sync up one of our tracks, and enjoy! WARNING: Explicit Content (We swear a lot, that’s about it).

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    That's No Rabbit!
  • The Nosebleeds

    Rob and Ken discuss topics from around the world of sports. From up in the nosebleeds we can see everything. Even you.

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    The Nosebleeds