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Interested in podcasting but don’t have the space or equipment?  LMC Media hosts an accessible podcasting space here in Westchester, NY.  We make podcasting easy for you and your casters to record, edit, and post your podcasts.  You can record video, audio or both!  Our facility features a special designated space to record.  All you have to do is complete the form below and we can help get you started broadcasting out to the world!


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Have more questions? Read our Studio FAQ or call 914-315-1317, or email

LMC Media Rate Card



Production Crew Member

Hire a production crew member to assist with your in studio, virtual, or on location production.

$180/hr $120/hr
Post Production Editor

Hire a post production crew member to edit your project.

$180/hr $120/hr
Video Studio RecordingRecord your video program in our video studio. Includes 1 crew member. $300/hr $200/hr
Audio Studio RecordingRecord your audio program/podcast in our audio studio. Includes 1 crew member. $150/hr $100/hr
Non-Recording SpaceUse the LMC studio on the avenue for your meeting or activity
(use of the space in this capacity does not include recording equipment, cameras or lighting).
$75/hr $50/hr
Editing SessionEdit your video or audio projects yourself on one of our industry-standard editing computers. $50/hr $25/hr
Virtual RecordingsHire LMC to host your virtual conferences/meetings. $120/hr $90/hr
Pre-Production PlanningWork with an LMC professional to help plan the production, discuss ideas, create scripts, and plan the recording schedule $120/hr $90/hr
PhotographyHire a Photographer to photograph and/or edit your photos $300/hr $240/hr
Graphic DesignHire a Graphic Designer $180/hr $120/hr
Voice OverHire a professional to provide a voice over for your project. $180/hr $120/hr
Commercial Production ServicesIncludes pre-production planning, full production crew on set, production equipment and post-production. Inquire about rates Inquire about rates
Video Production Van RentalRent our state-of-the-art mobile production van and operator. Additional crew may be required depending on the project. Editing is additional. 3 hour minimum, additional rates apply outside of southern Westchester.  $600/hr $360/hr

$120 fee per crew member for cancellations within 24 hours of event.
Mobile Data package $180 for non-members / $120 for members.

Featured Podcasts

  • The Hold Shelf

    A podcast for all things Mamaroneck Library.

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    The Hold Shelf
  • The Balance Dilemma

    What are everyday women (and men) discussing and struggling with regarding work life balance? And why has this remained a seemingly uniquely female problem? Join Maura Carlin and Christie Derrico as their guests share stories on how they tackle the hows, whys and what ifs of balancing work, life, family and self. On The Balance Dilemma we speak to parents and non-parents alike! While there may not be one answer, the guests on The Balance Dilemma will share insights to help listeners carve their own path.

    The Balance Dilemma
  • LMC Cast

    Welcome to the LMC Media's official podcast. Find out what is happening with the people and businesses in the community of Larchmont and Mamaroneck.

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    LMC Cast
  • Reel Reflections: Cinema's Societal Mirror

    How do the stories in film, fantastic or futuristic worlds, relate to our real-world issues and experiences? Filmmakers and Film Lovers will analyze cinematic storytelling, discuss cultural impacts, and explore the emotional resonance of what we watch affecting our daily lives. How thin is the line between fact and fiction? Do the stories reflect or project? It’s going to take some Reel Reflections to find out.

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    Reel Reflections: Cinema's Societal Mirror
  • Mamaroneck High School Radio

    MPR Discourse

    I want you, just for a second, to imagine a high school radio station on demand. Here at Mamaroneck High School, we are looking to tell stories. About people. What we have found, is our students have stories to share. And we want to arm them with the skills and platform to do so. Our show features students composing and mixing feature radio stories about the public and our community. All pieces are student written and student produced. Welcome to Mamaroneck Public Radio.

    Listen Now
    MPR Discourse
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