Welcome to LMCTV's New Website!

When LMCTV first updated our website, we knew it would be a learning process. That revision was our first step into using the web as a dynamic outlet for your community content. Since then, our role in the community has grown, and with it, the needs for our website. We started this latest website redesign well over a year ago, and while we’re still polishing the edges, web development goes something like this:
Welcome to the new lmctv.org.  Our thanks go out to everyone who sat in on our focus groups, and we are sure you’ll see where your feedback directly impacted the new design.  Like our community, our new site needs to continuously grow to reflect our needs. We welcome all comments to lmctv@lmctv.org.

Where’s My Stuff?

At the top of this site, you’ll see a horizontal menu (unless you’re on mobile, then you’ll get a more compact selector).  Here’s a quick primer on where the most important functionality lives.  We’ve tried to structure the menus so that things are easy to find, but here are our favorites:

Channels Schedule

Now in a more consistent format that is easier to read (and kept up to date)

Events Calendar

Easier to browse and can be synced to Google calendar.


You can browse the online videos (formally “On Demand”) either by click through the categories or by using the video search.
There’s a search in the top right of the page that will find any content, not just videos.  If you browse the videos by show, you can see the online episodes for the show.

Watch Live

Links to our live streams are right on the front page!

And Much More!

We’ve got your sports calendar, volunteer information, services, contact info, location information, live channel info, and more.  Give the site a spin and let us know how you like it!  Let us know at lmctv@lmctv.org.

Later, Hyphen

Let’s use that email addresses as a segue.  You’ll notice that the feedback email is directed to the “lmctv.org” domain.  While you’ve been able to interchange “lmc-tv.org” and “lmctv.org” for a long time, we’re making a push to unify our image as simply LMCTV.  This means that you’ll receive emails from staff@lmctv.org and visit www.lmctv.org.  Most importantly, it’s easier for our talent to communicate on the air.  You’ll always be able to interchange the two domains, but we’re going to do our best to use “lmctv.org” consistently.