LMCTV Officially Announces The Start of Election Season

The election season has officially started and LMCTV will be offering its traditional “Meet the Candidates” show for all political parties in the upcoming election.  For this campaign, we have established the following milestones:
Wednesday, July 22 – Campaign Period officially begins.  Any candidate who hosts or produces a show may not continue with their show.  This includes any and all candidates, even those running unopposed.  Candidates are free to appear on other shows as invited.
A party running candidates for a local election, such as for a Board of Trustees, may produce two programs (deadlines below).  A bonafide independent candidate running for a local election may also produce two programs.
A party running candidates for a Congress or NYS Assembly, may produce one program, due Tuesday, October 13th. Similarly an independent candidate for NYS Assembly may produce one program due Tuesday, October 13th.
Tuesday, September 15th – First “Meet the Candidates” program for local elections due by 10am at LMCTV Headquarters, 740 W. Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, Suite #311.  That means political parties or bona fide independent candidates have until then to make their first show.  The first “Meet the Candidates” programs will begin to air that day on our prime-time political programming blocks and will continue to air regularly and often until we begin running the second “Meet the Candidates” program (see below), which will also air on a regular basis.
Tuesday, October 13th – Second “Meet the Candidates” program for local elections due by 10am at LMCTV Headquarters.  These programs will begin airing that day through Election Day.
Tuesday, November 3rd – Election Day.
In order to book time for your “Meet the Candidates” shows, please call:
Dena Schumacher – LMCTV Studio 2 Coordinator – (914) 381-0131 – email: dschumacher@lmctv.org
Before calling, please consider viewing our event calendar to see when studio space is available.  CLICK HERE to view the calendar.
All programs must be turned in as “Standard Definition DVD-R’s” and/or “MPEG2 DV/NTSC Files.”
If you have additional questions or concerns, please call LMCTV Chief Operating Officer Matt Sullivan at (914) 381-2002 ext. 202 or email at msullivan@lmctv.org.
In order to view our Political Programming Policies, please click on the link below:
LMCTV Official Political Programming Policies