Make A Movie at LMCTV This Summer!

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Make A Movie at LMCTV This Summer!

Geared for young people 13 and up, LMCTV’s summer filmmaking workshops are an opportunity to learn hands-on video and filmmaking skills. From script writing, to cinematography, to computer video editing and more, participants will write, shoot, direct, act and edit their own movie! Each workshop is held Monday through Friday from 10am-3pm for three weeks at LMCTV’s Studio in Mamaroneck, NY.

The workshop is in its eighteenth year.

Workshop runs from July 2 – July 20 (no class on July 4)

Space is limited so fill out the forms below! If you need any more information call Matt Sullivan at 914-381-2002 ext. 202.

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Producing Your Short Film
June 25, 2018 – 7:00pm

In this LMCTV “Members Only” Class, learn the soup to nuts basics of taking your short film script and turning it into a reality. In this class, LMCTV COO and independent film director, producer, and writer Matt Sullivan will walk you through your first steps to producing your short film. You do not need to have a script written to participate.

The Ken Burns Effect
June 26, 2018 – 7:00pm

Learn how to create the zoom and pan effect made popular by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. Using this effect makes plain and static subjects come to life with simple zooms and movement.
In this class we will be Creating a “Ken Burns” Pan and Zoom Effect in Premiere Pro. The Ken Burns effect is a type of panning and zooming effect used in video production from still imagery. The feature enables a widely used technique of embedding still photographs in motion pictures, displayed with slow zooming and panning effects, and fading transitions between frames.
To create this roving effect in Adobe Premiere Pro, we will be using something VERY useful in all video editing: keyframes.
**Students need to bring 25 still pictures (JPEG) and 1 song file (WAVE, Mp4) to class on a thumb drive.

Intro to Photoshop
June 27, 2018 – 7:00pm

Want to create designs for promotional materials or just touch up some family photos? Maybe you just want to create an interesting visual for your website or are looking to develop a personal work of art. All this is possible with the incredibly popular, Adobe Photoshop! Yes it can be intimidating to jump into a powerhouse like Photoshop without knowing what’s what, but I’ll be walking you through the basic tools, layout, and functions to get you started. All ages are welcome!

Photoshop: Beyond the Basics
July 11, 2018 – 7:00pm

It’s time to go beyond the basic tools and functions of Photoshop. Take your skills to the next level with Masks, Filters, Blending Modes, and more. A basic understanding of Photoshop is required.
All Ages are welcome!
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