Keith Reilly's Amazing Journey!

Keith Update 6/11/18!
Keith Update 8/15/18!
Keith Update 10/25/18!
Former employee of LMCTV Keith Reilly has been on a journey on the Appalachian Trail. He left Georgia on March 25 and is now in Virginia having traveled 382 miles on the trail. He’s doing well and spirits are high, although he had a setback about a month ago when he sprained his ankle (it took him 6 hours to get off the trail to seek treatment). He spent a few days recovering but is now back at it.

He plans on taking the Appalachian trail the whole way up to Maine and may take a break in Mamaroneck, his hometown, when he’s nearby.
Along his journey through Grayson Highlands Park, Virginia, Keith told us about what he’s been experiencing.

Here’s an excerpt from Keith’s Trail days Report:

“All the different hiker factions had their own setup at the camp and some were pretty elaborate. The best way I can sum up tent city is as follows: I’ve now seen what post apocalyptic America would look like. And it’s not too bad.
Outside tent city in the town park they had multiple bands play on the stage that was plenty loud. Also quite a few food vendors which looked good but I didn’t really check out because of the free food they were shoving down the throats of hikers.

I’ve now seen what post apocalyptic America would look like. And it’s not too bad.

“All the free food was pretty amazing. One Way gave us a free dinner at the fire house. They did it in three shifts, 5, 6 and 7pm. It was like a hiker feeding factory but the fried chicken was hot and delicious and so was the Mac and cheese. Asian coleslaw was fantastic as well.
All day every day in front of this one hostel they had coffee, homemade cookies, and PB&J sandwiches. Also free hats which I thought was weird. Another church gave us a hot dog cookout and free resupply for snacks when we hit the trail.
The gear vendors were cool to check out. The raffles were fun to watch. I won a titanium windscreen and a big Agnes insulated inflatable sleeping pad.

I didn’t do everything but I experienced as much as I could.

It was raining cats and dogs one hour before the hiker parade. Then about 10 minutes prior it stopped and the sun came out. The parade was lots of fun. The hikers bought crazy outfits at the thrift store. Lots of cross dressing going on. It was fun watching the kids, and some adults, blast us with water. Some hikers anticipated this and had a squirt gun to shoot back.
The hiker prom at the brewery was lots of fun too. Most kept their silly outfits and they had a few bands for us to listen too for us to dance and drink to.
I didn’t do everything but I experienced as much as I could.
Passed this 1894 one room school house yesterday. A church owns it. They use it for trial magic.”
Having hiked 710 miles, Keith was in Salem Virginia, but unfortunately needed to take another rest because he was badly bitten by a dog (not wild) on the trail. Don’t worry, he’s OK, just resting for a while!
**Warning: the following image may be too graphic for some viewers!**
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UPDATE 6/11/18: 

After a few days set back, Keith is finally back on the trail long enough to take this amazing photo at McAffee Knob yesterday morning.
Check back soon as we will keep updating this as we get more news from Keith!
UPDATE 7/30/18:
Keith has finally reached 1000 miles on his journey! The journey continues but not without some close calls!

Keith has finished up New York and Connecticut and is making his way up to Maine. Here he is at the Housatonic River!
UPDATE 8/6/18:

Having travelled through New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, Keith now takes on Vermont. He’s almost finished, just a few more states left!
“Connecticut was some nice walking. Got rained on a lot. Also bit by many mosquitoes despite the rain. Massachusetts got rained on a lot but not as much as CT. Upper Goose Pond cabin was awesome. Swam and canoed on a lake, then pancakes for breakfast. As for Vermont, no rain but lots of mud”


UPDATE 8/15/18:

“Made it to New Hampshire. Here I am at Dartmouth.  College students don’t like homeless people. Today is my last day of hiking before going off trail. I was supposed to be finished by today but won’t be due to all the injuries. I’ll be back on trail sept 20th.”

UPDATE 10/25/18:

By the end of September Keith had made it to the final stretch of his journey. He finally made it to Maine!
“I’ve done over 2,000 miles on this trail. I’m in Monson, Maine. It’s the last town stop before I finish. It’s the 100 mile wilderness next then Kahtadin. Here is the picture of the lake this morning”
As of October 16, after enduring 50mph winds and 20 degree weather, Keith made it to the top of Mount Kahtadin by himself and finished his incredible journey across the Appalachian Trail!