Talking Technophobia in Film: GOJIRA – FRI 6/7 at 7pm

Talking Technophobia in Film:
A Film Discussion Class

“Be afraid. Be very afraid.” From the very beginning, Hollywood movies have offered a frightening reflection of our deep fear of technology, its effects, and sinister implications. Time-traveling terminators, resurrected dinosaurs, alien invasions, and virtual prisons all give us a sense of just how terrified Hollywood writers, directors, and producers think we are (or should be).

In this class we will investigate popular, pivotal movies and discuss their fears, warnings, and possible solutions to this ever-increasing cultural technophobia. Discussion topics will include: “the mad scientist and you,” “ghosts in the machines,” “malfunctioning machinations,” “risks and rewards,” and “the power of human ingenuity.” 

FRIDAY JUNE 7th at 7:00pm

The next class we will be the 1954 classic Godzilla (Gojira) and discuss the fears, warnings, and possible solutions to this ever-increasing cultural technophobia. Discussion topics will include: man vs nature, weapons of mass destruction, tensions between tradition and progress, and the hunt for mad scientists in a post-WWII Japan.

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