MAMARONECK, New York (June 11, 2019) – LMCTV announces a twelve-week, 17-game re-broadcast schedule of games televised during the 2018-2019 academic year at both Mamaroneck and Rye Neck High Schools.

The schedule consists of highlighted games, some of which went down to the final minutes — and final seconds — creating some of the most memorable moments of the year for Panthers and Tigers fans.

The action gets underway the weekend of June 14, with two early-season classics from Rye Neck.

The series will wrap up the weekend of August 30 with a come-from-behind walkoff playoff win by the Mamaroneck baseball team.

Tiger fans can relive the hockey team’s thrilling double overtime goal in the Section 1 playoffs, airing the weekend of August 9.

The schedule includes three Section 1 playoff games and a New York State playoff game, including postseason competition in field hockey, ice hockey, and baseball.

Fans can watch every game LMCTV Varsity Sports televised this year on LMCTV’s “Watch Now” section online at www.LMCTV.org. Fans can also request DVD copies of all televised games by calling 914-381-2002, ext. 0.

For more information on LMCTV Varsity Sports, please contact Rob Moretti, LMCTV Community Sports Producer, at 381-2002, x 207, or via email at rmoretti@lmctv.org. You can also follow LMC Varsity Sports on Twitter at @LMCTVSports.

Weekend of June 14 – June 17

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Rye Neck Field Hockey vs. Edgemont – 9/5/18

9:15pm/2:15pm:               Rye Neck Girls Soccer vs. Dobbs Ferry – 9/7/18

Weekend of June 21 – June 24

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Rye Neck Football vs. Croton-Harmon – 9/8/18

Weekend of June 28 – July 1

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Mamaroneck Boys Soccer vs. Port Chester – 9/12/18

9:30pm/2:30pm:               Mamaroneck Girls Soccer vs. Ursuline – 10/1/18

Weekend of July 5 – July 8

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Rye Neck Boys Soccer vs. Hastings – 9/24/18

Weekend of July 12 – July 15

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Rye Neck Football vs. Edgemont – 10/29/18

Weekend of July 19 – July 22

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Mamaroneck Field Hockey vs. Scarsdale – 10/25/18 (Sectional Playoffs)

9:15pm/2:15pm:               Mamaroneck Field Hockey vs. Saratoga Springs – 11/3/18 (Regional Final)

Weekend of July 26 – July 29

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Mamaroneck Ice Hockey vs. Suffern – 1/11/19

9:45pm/2:45pm:               Mamaroneck Ice Hockey vs. North Rockland – 1/26/19

Weekend of August 2 – August 5

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Rye Neck Girls Basketball vs. Alexander Hamilton – 1/16/19

9:45pm/2:45pm:               Rye Neck Boys Basketball vs. Edgemont – 2/13/19

Weekend of August 9 – August 12

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Mamaroneck Ice Hockey vs. Clarkstown – 2/18/19 (Sectional Playoffs)

Weekend of August 16 – August 19

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Mamaroneck Softball vs. Rye Neck – 5/7/19        

Weekend of August 23 – August 26

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Mamaroneck Softball vs. Ursuline – 5/14/19

Weekend of August 30 – September 2

8:00pm/1:00pm:               Mamaroneck Baseball vs. White Plains – 5/20/19 (Sectional Playoffs)


Friday: 8:00pm

Saturday: 1:00pm/8:00pm

Sunday: 1:00pm/8:00pm

Monday: 1:00pm