Thursdays Halloween Lineup!

Tune in TONIGHT for a night of thrills and chills!

Start the night off with a little fun for the kids!

Watch the 2019 Village of Mamaroneck Spooktacular starting at 8:30pm!

Next witness the next chapter of thrills with a brand NEW episode of The Rascal at 9:30pm!

At 9:45pm catch the chilling short, The Attic, by our very own Matt Sullivan.

Then at 10:00pm rise from your relive the first three seasons of Terror TV!

Host Demonika Diablo guides you beyond the veil as you delve into a monstrous marathon of over 15 hours of horror!

The thrills and chills begin at 10pm with the George A. Romero’s classic, Night of the Living Dead. Watch the sun come up over The House on Haunted Hill. Or enjoy your breakfast and question why you stood up all night watching classic scary movies when it’s Friday and you have work in an hour all while watching The Last Man On Earth! Catch all of this and more…if you dare.

Don’t take too long getting those midnight snacks because between movies we’ve got a couple of terrifying surprises to shake things up!
At 11:45pm we have the chilling short, Rose Cooper Tonight.