Halloween Horror on LMC Media!

Halloween season is upon us and with that comes the CHILLS, the SCREAMS,.. the TERROR!

We’re all stuck inside this year and what better way to socially distance yourself than to sit on your couch and watch terrifying tales in the dark! All month long LMC Media is bringing you goosebumps with a Schock-tober lineup of ghoulish programming.




STARTS AGAIN AT MIDNIGHT | Click here to watch!





Family History

Four years after his mother mysteriously passed away, a young man brings his new boyfriend home to meet his reclusive, conservative father. Watch the gripping short film by writer/director Mark J Parker. Visit www.mjp-pov.com for more!

Thursday & Friday October 29 & 30 at 10:30pm
Optimum 75 / Verizon 36




Rose Cooper Tonight

Lock the doors and tune in Friday October 30th for the sinister short film from the producers of Terror TV and Dead Air. Rose Cooper Tonight will keep you looking over your shoulder. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Friday October 30 at 11pm
Optimum 75 / Verizon 36



Dead Air

Rockin’ Roxanne is screaming her way into your home! Turn on, tune in, drop dead Friday October 30 for Dead Air. Witness the incredible short that sparked a soon-to-be feature film!

Friday October 30 at 11:30pm
Optimum 75 / Verizon 36




Badlands Double Feature

The Attic & Sobrevivo

Everything kicks off tonight Oct 2 with the Badlands Double Feature! Two short films to give you nightmares: The Attic and Sobrevivo*!
*Please be advised that due to graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

October 2nd at 11pm
Optimum 75 / Verizon 36



The Rascal

The Complete Series

Relive the award winning Andrey Gordon Production, The Rascal! Beginning October 8th LMC will be airing the entire series every Thursday in October!

Thursdays in October
Optimum 75 / Verizon 36


October 8, 9:30pm The Rascal Season 1: Episodes 1, 2, & 3
October 15, 9:30pm The Rascal Season 1: Episodes 4, 5, & 6
October 22, 9:30pm The Rascal Season 2: Episodes 1, 2, & 3
October 29, 9:30pm The Rascal Season 2: Episodes 4, 5, & 6


Terror TV

 Season 4

After an extra long hiatus last year, Demonika Diablo returns for the highly anticipated 4th season of Terror TV, premiering Friday October 9.
Three more deviously, delectable episodes of horror, fright, and sinister sarcasm to keep your blood pumping! Then tune in for an epic All Hallows’ Eve Terror TV Takeover and watch every episode EVER. 12 frightening films to help you embrace the madness!

Fridays in October
Optimum 75 / Verizon 36


October 9, 11pm A Bucket of Blood (1959)
October 16, 11pm Tormented (1960)
October 23, 11pm Night Tide (1961)
October 31, 12am All Hallows’ Eve Terror TV Takeover